Farm & Folk is a merge of my work as both sustainable farmer and folk artist. The colors in my quilts come from plants, trees, roots and minerals, and are hand dyed in small batches. The colors achieved through the ancient art and alchemy of the natural dye process is to me, the most inspiring and exciting step in the creation of a quilt.

My inspiration is found in nature, traditional and vintage quilts, plant and mineral derived colors, color variation and depth achieved through natural hand dyeing, rustic hand stitches, and sustainably grown ethically sourced fabrics. Some of my quilts are made from re- purposed materials and vintage fabrics. My quilts are pieced together with a sewing machine and then the quilting is done entirely by hand. Those slow stitches produce a finished object that is rich in texture and depth. The imperfect stitches and colors that only human hands and plants can create are to me....perfection.