Do you accept international orders?

Right now my website is set up for orders shipping only to the US and Canada. If you are outside of these areas and would like to purchase a Farm & Folk product, please contact me by filling out the form on my contact page and I will provide you with an international shipping quote. International buyers are solely responsible for all tariff and customs fees, and any other additional international shipping fees that may apply. 

Are you currently taking commissions?

Due to the lack of time in the studio at this phase in life, I’m unable to take commissions.

Do you accept returns?

All quilt sales are final. That being said I stand behind my work! I inspect all quilts before shipping. If you have a problem with your quilt please contact me.

How do I wash my quilt?

The best way to wash a quilt is by hand. I recommend that you hand wash in a bathtub with cold water and a mild textile detergent like Synthrapol. Let the quilt soak for only a few minutes. Drain the tub and fill the again with fresh water to rinse the soap out. Then wrap the quilt in a large blanket or sheet, and with a partner twist both ends of the sheet to squeeze most of the water out of your quilt. If you have purchased a child or baby quilt I understand that it will need to be washed rather frequently. In this case it’s usually okay to machine wash your quilt on a gentle cycle in cold water with Synthrapol detergent. It’s best to dry your quilt by lying it flat on a sheet outdoors in indirect sunlight. Putting a quilt in the dryer is not ideal but if you must, then put it on the lowest heat setting and remove immediately. 

What materials do you use to make your quilts?

I am committed to- whenever possible- working with sustainably grown organic fibers that are ethically produced. Most of my quilts at this time are produced with organically grown linen, organically grown cotton, or blends of the two fibers. I occasionally use raw silk and hemp or hemp/organic cotton blends as well. I'm always on the lookout for vintage wool clothing to cut up and turn into a quilt, and also used blue jeans.

Shipping disclaimer:

Farm & Folk is not responsible for lost, damaged, stolen, or undelivered packages. I insure and track all quilts shipped within the U.S. at their full value, so if a quilt goes missing the postal service is held responsible to reimburse you. Unfortunately international insurance is not available, so I am not able to reimburse you if internationally shipped packages are missing or damaged. Once the quilt leaves my care the buyer assumes all risk.